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Every Individual has a different set of investment needs based on his age, current financial position & expected future prospects. We at Sahaya, RISK PROFILE you, ( screen you with our specially listed questions to collect data on your Current Financial health & Future prospects ) and calculate your RISK CAPACITY and RISK APPETITE. Based on these calculations, your IDEAL PORTFOLIO ALLOCATIONS are arrived at. Then we Compare your Current Investment allocations with your ideal allocations and chalk out CORRECTIONS required in your Investment Portfolio. We then advice you on building your Portfolio of Equities, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Fixed income securities, Real Estate & Gold based only on FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS. Our Recommendations are based on Fundamental research by highly reputed Investment research Firms. We believe that if a security is not good enough to hold for years then its not good enough to hold even for a minute!
At Sahaya, we stress on buying only the fundamentally strong securities AT THE VERY APPROPRIATE TIME so that you get the best investments at the least possible price by entering when the Valuations are lowest and the down trend has reversed. To detect the appropriate time for buying or selling we use TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.
We also provide basic Investor Education and specialized training in TECHNICAL ANALYSIS so that you can take Investment decisions independently on your own.
For experienced investors, who have been successfully employing TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, we recommend hedging their investments by taking up Trading in Commodities & Currencies using a small portion of their capital. We can teach you to do it from your desk online no matter wherever you are located.


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